essays in print and audio

Columnist at home/school/life magazine, Summer 2014 through Fall 2016
In my first column,  “Wonder a Lot,” I admit that seventeen years of homeschooling provoked more wondering than answers

“For the Love of Lemony Snicket” Literary Mama, April 2014 –I describe how my kids learned to write from a master, on the way to getting the rabbit spayed

Series of guest posts, Rhythm of the HomeJanuary 2013:
“When He’s Here”–I get mopey about my oldest going back to college
“At the Table”–I proclaim my love for my kitchen table
“Talking Books”–I argue that kids interrupting during read-alouds is a good thing
“The Writing Process”–I go meta and write about writing

“Why Seth Godin and Other Education Reformers Shouldn’t Dismiss Homeschooling The Innovative Educator, April 2012–I argue with Seth Godin and invite him over for coffee

“How Do Kids REALLY Learn to Write? Life Learning Magazine, March/April 2012–I gather my beliefs about kids and writing into a single handy-dandy package

“The Girl She Means to Be get born! magazine, Fall 2010–my daughter longs to sing on stage, and I long to know how to help her

“Be Your Own Best Teacher” (originally titled “Homeschooling My MFA”),  Natural Life Magazine, Nov/Dec 2009–looking back on nearly twenty years of trying to teach myself to write–and realizing that what I’ve been doing looks a lot like what my kids do as homeschoolers

“The Never At Home Homeschoolers”–link opens a PDF file (originally titled “How to Homeschool”), Mothering, May-June 2008–in which I describe my family’s homeschooling adventures in the guise of a how-to manual. (Not that I would ever actually tell anyone how to homeschool–after many years, I’m still figuring it out for myself. The essay’s style was shamelessly ripped-off from Lorrie Moore’s brilliant short story “How to Become a Writer.” Do read the original.)

“Knitting: A Love Story Cast-On podcast, Episode 41–allowing myself to fall in love with knitting–and worrying that my writing will get jealous