How Do Kids Really Learn to Write?

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Wednesday, March 30
5:00pm PST/8:00pm EST

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One of my favorite talks!

Based on an article written ten years ago, viewed more than 27,000 times and still shared almost daily, this talk digs into what is clearly a concern for many parents. Learning to write can be one of the most challenging endeavors of childhood—although it needn’t be. There are many myths about how one should learn to do it, involving everything from grammar workbooks to assigned 5-paragraph essays. Let’s bust some myths! Experiences with my own children and sixteen years working with homeschoolers in writer’s workshops convinced me that the traditional school approach to writing isn’t necessary—and that it tends to teach bad writing! In this talk, we’ll examine the myths and look at what kids REALLY need to learn to write. (Hints: Deep conversations, rhyming games in the car, parents willing to take dictation…) We’ll reflect on your own quirky, individual kids and consider how you might inspire them to write. This talk should be helpful for parents of children at all ages, from the very young through teens.

I hope you’ll walk away from this webinar feeling relieved at how much you’re already doing to create writers in your home, and inspired to find your own methods by following the lead of your kids. 🙂

I hope to make a recording of this webinar to send to all who have registered–but I’m new to webinar-hosting, so I may not pull it off this first time. If you’re interested in a recording, please sign up and I will do my best!