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I receive many emails from visitors requesting information or guidance. I try to respond to all questions, and I tend to do so with in-depth responses. Sometimes it can be a challenge to keep up! For this reason, I ask a favor. If you would like to ask a question or seek guidance, please consider doing so by leaving a comment on the blog. I typically answer all comment questions in the comments area. In this way others may benefit from the response--even future visitors reading through the archives.

When leaving a comment, you do not have to leave your full name--or even your real name! You do need to leave your email address, but I am the only one who will see it. If you're able, leave your comment on a post related to your question so that others with similar questions are more likely to see it. Even if you leave your comment on an old post, I will receive an email notification of your comment.

Thank you for respecting my time in this way. I really do enjoy chatting with readers!

My best, Patricia

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