August 2008


August 26, 2008

For the first time, one of my kids has started school. Granted, he’s sixteen and more than ready for this. Still, it feels like a big step. Growing up, H was always happy with his status as a homeschooler. He’s a very stubborn willful independent-minded kid, and he liked how homeschooling gave him the freedom to make his […]

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what I love about my local homeschool conference*

August 22, 2008

1. Watching all the colorful teens gleefully bounding about the hotel like oversized 4-year-olds, not a sullen face among them. 2. Inspiration! Inspiration from new ideas** and new twists on old ideas***. 3. Seeing people of all ages crafting everywhere, with workshops on mosaics, amigurami (small Japanese crocheted animals), artist trading cards and matchbox shrines, […]

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here we go!

August 16, 2008

After whining about how one of my children did not share my boundless enthusiasm for the 100-Species Challenge in my last post, I decided it best to proceed on my own. Once I did that, of course, interested family members began to sprout up as quickly as the unnamed plants themselves. Mr. T gladly ate […]

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the 100 Species Challenge meets the challenge of raising kids with minds of their own

August 12, 2008

Okay, so I came across this challenge on Melissa Wiley’s blog. It originated here, when scsours contemplated a quote that most people can’t recognize 100 plant species within a mile of their home. The challenge is to go out and learn the names, and a bit more, of 100 plants in your neighborhood. Ooh, I […]

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makin’ stuff

August 6, 2008

In which Wonder Farm poses as a craft blog.* Seems like everyone is makin’ stuff around here these days, which is pretty much what one should do in the summer, I think. First up: what is surely to be H’s one and only appearance here as a jewelry-maker. But isn’t this beautiful? He made it […]

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