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$175 and two days later they left. The package of bees I bought two years ago. I installed them and they absconded two days later. Who knows why? I should know what I’m doing; I’ve kept bees most years since 2009. Still, they took off. Left their hive cold and empty, $175 in their flown-off [...]

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A month later, and apparently I am still obsessed with hands. Lynda Barry calls them “the original digital device.” I am also newly obsessed with Lynda Barry. It was her free two-hour drawing workshop that did it. Even though I am one of those people who doesn’t draw. Which is, it turns out, exactly the [...]

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H, my oldest, gave me a pen for Christmas. One of my favorite gifts ever, for how beautifully it writes, and even more for the beauty in his consideration of this particular gift, for me. I’ve been using it to write my morning pages in my journal. Usually by page three, my hand gets tired [...]

the morning, which is mine post image

I’ve been waking up in the mornings and ignoring my phone. Heating my water for tea and looking out the window instead. I started doing this before Christmas, but in the past week it’s been saving me, as I’m sure you understand. Austin Kleon made me do it. I wrote last month about listening to [...]

december 2020

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How to show up and write a blog post right now? How to catch up? How to make it worthy of this unprecedented time? How to say everything there is to say?I’ll start small. One thing I’ve been doing to get through this time is writing in my backyard–something I’d never done before the pandemic. But [...]

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I’ve been taking lots of calls and emails from families considering pulling their kids out of school to homeschool this fall. Not “homeschool” as in doing online classwork, but taking the leap, separating from schools altogether, and doing things their own way. A silver lining to this devastating pandemic: homeschooling is expanding at unprecedented rates. [...]