map of my heart

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In 2017 I wrote an essay about longing. I submitted it to a bunch of publications, like I did with several other essays I wrote that year. No luck. I’d come to call 2017 my year of rejection, though that year I did have one acceptance—for the essay about longing. Trouble was, the editor wanted [...]

you brighten my day

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standing on the shoulders of *my* giant Hi you! It’s been quite a while. When I wrote here last, it was mid-July and the noon sun was directly overhead and my sunflowers were tall and working as landing pads for my bees. That post was my 15th anniversary post and I made a promise to [...]

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1. Fifteen years ago today, this blog was born. It was the summer of 2008, just before the U.S. economy crashed and Obama was first elected. Mamma Mia! was in theaters, Instagram was still two years away, and my kids were 6, 12, 16. A different time. 2. Is blog even a word anymore? These days it’s all [...]

in praise of “lazy parenting” post image

I’ve been thinking about “lazy parenting” a lot. Partly because I asked the question for this edition’s post: What’s a “lazy” thing you do/did as a parent, caregiver or teacher that ended up benefitting the kids?  But then the phrase kept showing up, in different spaces. I’ve also been thinking about my kids making forts. Different spaces, [...]

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I wrote a whole post about the artist Joseph Cornell. Well, not all about Cornell—I was trying to write about how I keep having to relearn how to write. How I keep getting parts of it wrong. And the post was about that, but it also included sentences that seemed show-offy and obnoxious about things [...]

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Saturday, noon, the doorbell rang and there was Meliss with her magic blue suitcase. I’d wanted to do some sort of ritual at this new point in my writing life. At first I imagined something to summon what’s next as I send my revised book proposal out into the world. I asked Meliss if she [...]

i hear you

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“That’s a quarter of a million.” This is what Chris said when I told him that my TikTok video was coming close to 250,000 views. My husband is the numbers person in this relationship. I’m not sure why it hadn’t hit me that 250,000 equals a quarter of a million. A quarter of a million. [...]