February 2009

the duomo

February 26, 2009

Ooh, the comments on my last post have been interesting–have you seen? So much talk about child-led learning, and parental support, and the many possible ratios of the two. That last post was about me trying to let go and let Mr. T lead; this time I’m switching angles and writing about a time when […]

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in his hands

February 22, 2009

boy holding pomelo Because I like to have a photo with each post. Because I thought I could make one more contribution to yellow week. Because the pomelo looks like a planet. And because the image itself could be a metaphor for the words below. Our homeschool group sponsors a history fair each spring. Kids display […]

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and it was all yellow

February 18, 2009

I’ve never joined a photo pool party. But, you may recall, one of my resolutions for 2009 is “improve my photography skills”.  So when erin at house at hill road invited folks along on her yellow week, I jumped in. Yellow has never been a favorite color of mine. I don’t own a single piece […]

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for the love of bon jovi

February 11, 2009

No, the Bon Jovi lover is not me. I wasn’t even a fan during their late 80’s heyday. (Although I did manage to make my ultra-fine hair pretty big back then, with help from Sebastian Shaper Plus.) The Bon Jovi fan is my seven-year-old son. How did this happen, you ask? Well, in another incitement […]

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what homeschooling looked like this week

February 6, 2009

Oh dear, I’m afraid I have bored the hand-knit socks off of you! My last post received exactly zero comments, a low that hasn’t happened since my first month of blogging.   (Correction: In the time it took for me to publish this draft, Lori left me a comment. Thanks, Lori!) My essayist project is a selfish […]

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january: notes on annie dillard

February 4, 2009

So I’ve finished the first month in My Year of Excellent Essayists, and what a glorious month it’s been! I’ve enjoyed reading Annie Dillard so much that I’m reluctant to let her go, and move on to the next essayist in the queue.  If you’re interested in essays, a fantastic resource is The Art of […]

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