download FAQs

How do I download the book?

  • After clicking on an ADD TO CART button, you will be prompted to complete your purchase via PayPal.
  • Once you’ve paid you will see a button that says COMPLETE PURCHASE.
  • After completing your purchase you will see a screen with a download link. Click the link and the book will automatically download for you.

Before opening the downloaded files, make sure you have the appropriate application on your device.

  • For PDF files: Most computers will have a default application for viewing PDF files, such as Preview or Adobe Reader.
  • For Kindle e-readers: open the .mobi file. Instructions for how to download mobi files to your Kindle device here.
  • For Nook, Sony and all other readers: open the .epub file. If you are unsure how to download the file to your Nook, you can find instructions by doing a browser search for “download epbub to Nook (or Sony Reader, etc.)” You may need to download free Adobe Digital Editions software, available here.
  • For iPads and iPhones: You can view the .mobi file if you first download the free Kindle app here. Or you can view the .epub file if you first download free Adobe Digital Editions software here.
  • For Android devices: You can view the .epub file if you first download the free Nook for Android app here.

Can I download the book to more than one device?

You have up to six download opportunities with e-junkie, which you can use to download to all your devices. You can find the download link in the confirmation emails sent from Patricia Zaballos.

Can I share the files with others?

Please don’t. Sharing files deprives the author of her rightful royalties. Please send interested readers to this website instead. 🙂

What if I still need help?

If you have trouble downloading the files, please contact Patricia with questions.