meet the family

H: Twenty-one. Filmmaker. NYU student. Outside-the-box thinker. Lefty. Wry wit. Cynic. Guy looking through the camera lens.

Lulu: Eighteen. Singer. Guitar-strummer. Dancer. Debater. Poet. Homeschooler-turned high-school student. Clipboard-brained thinker who can produce any project, performance or party.

Mr. T: Twelve. Artist. Storyteller. Clown. Geography-master. Video game lover. Creator of imaginary worlds.

Chris: Husband. Encourager. Jokester. Provider. Businessman. Busy-ness man. Musician. Tennis player. Dreamer. Resident energy bar, personified.

me: Writer. Born teacher who tries not to teach too much. Researcher. Knitter. Beekeeper. Chef of all things faceless. Lover of innovative ideas. But mostly, mama.

photo by mary mchenry