How can I subscribe to Wonder Farm updates?

You can sign up for email updates and you will receive an email whenever there is a new post. Click here to sign up for email updates.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE LOOK FOR THE VERIFICATION EMAIL THAT SHOULD ARRIVE IN YOUR INBOX ALMOST IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOU PUT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IN THE SUBSCRIPTION FORM. It goes to spam for many–particularly gmail users, who will likely find it under your “promotions” tab. You won’t be subscribed unless you respond to the verification email.

Or you can subscribe via RSS.

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a technology which allows you to subscribe to your favorite web content, and to view updates in one place.

What is an RSS Reader, and how do I get one? 

To subscribe to RSS feeds, you need an RSS Reader, or feed/news aggregator. These programs will download and display RSS feeds for you, usually for free. There are many available. I use Feedly.

Once you are hooked up with a reader, you need to subscribe to feeds. You can usually find a website’s feed linked to a subscribe button on the site, or you may find an orange RSS button. Some RSS readers, like Feedly, will find feeds for you if you simply search for a website’s name in the reader.

What is the RSS feed for Wonder Farm?