the family is going undercover


Back when I started this blog, I asked the family if they wanted me to use their real names. My oldest, never one to be delicate with words, replied, “That’s stupid. Anyone who wants to find out who we are can figure it out.”

True, but what we didn’t consider was the fact that the family surname appears in my web address. Combine that with the kids’ first names in my posts and anyone doing a google search for my kids’ names will get a direct link to Mama’s blog. Not so cool if you’re a teenager.

So, the family is going undercover. 

My oldest is henceforth to be referred to as H because he simply won’t tolerate anything cutesier.

My lovely daughter is now Lulu. When she was at theater camp a few years ago, a director visiting from New York complimented her stage presence–and accidentally called her Lulu. I think of it as her stage name now.

I’ll refer to the little man as Mr. T, since I call him that half the time anyway.

And my charming husband shall now be referred to as My Charming Husband. (Funny: I tried to use a search-and-replace plug-in to change all these names in my past posts. But when I checked back to see if it worked, I saw that every mention of Christmas was now “My Charming Husbandtmas”. Ha! That won’t work! So My Charming Husband will keep his name in all the past posts. I don’t think he’ll mind. He’s not a teenager.)

i dare you
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  • cristiano Jan 19, 2009 @ 13:33

    Have the names been changed to protect the innocent?

    I think My Charming Husbandtmas has a nice ring to it!

  • patricia Jan 19, 2009 @ 13:41

    Yes, I’m sure you do think it has a nice ring to it, dear Cristiano.

    Luckily you spell your name the Italian way or the search-and-replace would have made you My Charming Husbandtiano.

    Actually, that has a nice ring to it too.

  • susan Jan 21, 2009 @ 6:44

    I love your under cover pics!

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