writing ideas: the disclaimer

I’m planning to start a new occasional series here on the wonderfarm, but like any modern endeavor, this one must be prefaced by a disclaimer.

See, I’m hoping to share ideas for writing with kids. But I don’t always like ideas for writing with kids. Phrases start swirling in my mind, phrases like lesson plans, curriculum, writing prompts. Phrases that make me feel queasy.

Why sharing ideas here might be a bad thing:

  • Parents might go all eager beaver and pounce on their kids with I’ve got a great idea, let’s do it!
  • Pouncing on kids with ideas is pretty much guaranteed to backfire.
  • My ideas may have nothing to do with your child’s ideas.
  • My ideas might make you feel guilty. Like you ought to be doing what I’m suggesting instead of what you’re already doing.

Why sharing ideas here might be a good thing:

  • Even self-motivated kids need inspiration sometimes.
  • If ideas are offered merely as possibilities, kids might like them. They might also reject them, and that’s fine too.
  • Kids might take one of my ideas and riff on it, tweaking it into something that appeals.
  • Considering possibilities helps kids recognize that they have choices, and that it’s worthwhile to search out ones that interest them.
  • I’ve done lots of writing with lots of kids over the years, and I’ve stumbled on some kid-friendly stuff. (Which does not mean that these ideas will work for all kids. Which brings me back to why sharing ideas might be a bad thing…)

So please consider these ideas as possibilities. Promise me that you won’t read them and pounce on your kids, or read them and feel guilty. Instead, read them and mull. Consider your unique child and whether the idea might appeal. And if it might, wait for the right opportunity, and throw it out there.

And if your kid rejects the idea, celebrate the fact that you have a child who knows what he or she likes.

Coming soon, the first idea for your consideration: The Ultimate Guide.

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  • Debbie Jan 27, 2011 @ 13:44

    Can’t wait…and I promise, no pouncing. 🙂

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