February 2011

learning in the new millennium, part 2

February 22, 2011

So much interesting discussion on my last post! Do check out the comments. Such doubts we have about video games! Which makes sense: it’s something that we parents didn’t grow up with, which many of us don’t understand, yet it’s becoming a basic part of childhood for many of our kids. People always fear the […]

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learning in the new millennium

February 16, 2011

[flickr]5451321600[/flickr] Recently Mr. T took a circuitry class for homeschoolers. Although the class sounded interesting, T didn’t love it. For part of the class there were experiments that the teachers had set up, each with a diagram and a supply of parts. Kids were supposed to build the circuit on the card and to test […]

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I knit a sweater for my new baby

February 7, 2011

[flickr]5423675277[/flickr] Recently I got a new itty-bitty 11-inch macbook air. I pretty much ran my last laptop into the ground. I actually typed many of the letters right off the keys, and that spinning rainbow wheel and I spent far too much time together in the past year. I thought it might be nice to […]

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