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Time for me to mail off books! Congratulations to the following winners-chosen by random number generator–who will be receiving a paperback copy of my new book Workshops Work! in the mail: AnamariaDebbie, Wendy, Sandra and JJ. I’ll be contacting you via email for your address information. It’s such a thrill for me to send my book out into the world! I hope you like it.

If you’re interested in entering a giveaway for a PDF/eBook copy of the book, you have a few options:

You have one more day (through 12/3) to enter in the giveaway at the Spilling Ink blog. Spilling Ink is the excellent writing guide for young people, written by popular children’s authors Ellen Potter and Anne Mazer. The blog is a great resource for kid writers, and I have a guest post over there right now, along with the giveaway, called Five Tips for Offering Feedback to a Writer.

You have until 12/12 to enter the giveaway at Motherhood & Words, the blog of Kate Hopper. Kate’s book Use Your Words: A Writing Guide for Mothers is my favorite writing inspiration book for mothers out there. It’s a lovely book: part instruction guide, part anthology of excellent writing by some stellar mother-writers. Kate examines these fantastic essays in order to help readers tease out what makes them work so well, and suggests related writing prompts. Studying good writing and using it as a model for your own writing is the best way to improve as a writer, and this book shows you how to do that–with essays that parents will find irresistible.

Go leave a comment on these blogs to show your support for some excellent writing resources–and a chance to win something while you’re at it.

More giveaways coming soon! I update about them regularly on my Twitter feed and Facebook page, in case you’re the gambling sort.

I’ve treasured all your comments and encouragement about the book. Thank you, dear readers.

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