September 2009

atwitter: september

September 28, 2009

A blogging mama meet-up. A while back I wrote about meeting some blogging friends in person for the first time. Well, we did it again, but this time there were seven of us. The photo above is what Mr. T came up with when I asked him to use my camera to take a picture of […]

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you spin me right round, baby, right round

September 21, 2009

Mr. T and I have been playing with probability lately. The other day he made a spinner. We got the idea from Math By All Means: Probability, Grades 1-2. I really like these books by Math Solutions, particularly the Math By All Means series and the Teaching Arithmetic series. I used them back when I […]

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the search engine post

September 14, 2009

“I think I’m boring people with my blog,” I said to Chris last night, as we were making dinner. And he said, “Well, you know…Pico Iyer.” Yes, I know, I know. My little essay project is self-indulgent and academic. It probably scares off more readers than it interests. So I started another post, which turned […]

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august: notes on pico iyer

September 8, 2009

Boy howdy, here we go again–try not to jump out of your skin! It’s time for yet another entry in my year of excellent essayists project. random notes: In August I read Pico Iyer, who is widely known as a travel writer, although he writes on a variety of topics, and often on globalism. He […]

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how to set a house on fire

September 1, 2009

A titillating post title (but perhaps an inappropriate one given the number of wildfires tearing through California right now.) I’m using it because it’s the title of H’s latest film. It screened at the SF Museum of Modern Art last night. It was part of a selection of youth films which are being released on […]

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