August 2010

this parenting gig isn’t for the weak of heart

August 31, 2010

Because watching my Lulu go off to school in my last post wasn’t enough… This weekend Chris and I brought H to NYU. [flickr]4946036613[/flickr] I started writing a maudlin post with lots of wrenching details like the sight of H’s boxers intermingled with the family laundry for the last time, and the sorrow of shopping […]

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school, part 2

August 24, 2010

Seems like just yesterday I was writing part 1, when H decided to go to high school as a junior, after homeschooling all his life. This time it’s Lulu. She’s starting at the same school, as a freshman. (While her brother, meanwhile, has graduated, and is off to college.) [flickr]4923208579[/flickr] It wasn’t a sudden decision. […]

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following the kid

August 16, 2010

This happens often. I’ll be chatting with a new homeschooler, and this person will ask what we do each day. I’ll explain that we aren’t unschoolers, that we have a habit of doing something together most days, but that I try to follow my kids and their interests. At this point the fellow chatter usually […]

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death of a project

August 6, 2010

I’m killing off the chapter-a-month challenge. Right here, right now. Line right up and get photos while the guillotine comes down. I decided to put the project out of its misery, rather than count off the months that had passed while I did not write a chapter a month. It was a noble little project, […]

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