October 2010

spiffing up the place

October 25, 2010

I’ve been rearranging the furniture here on the blog, so to speak. You may have noticed some new color in the sidebar in the form of photo buttons. I’m trying to organize some of my posts to make them more accessible. You can’t imagine how long it took to link all those posts–and to thumbnail […]

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a quote to ponder

October 20, 2010

[flickr]5100470557[/flickr] I found this line while re-reading Calkins’ classic The Art of Teaching Writing. Calkins uses it as a lead-in to the story of a kindergartener whose teacher worried over how he seemed to draw the same thing, day after day. “When I looked at the child’s most recent book, I found that the teacher […]

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oh, what can be learned from a timeline!

October 14, 2010

In which we trek into the mind of my youngest and once again get sidetracked. Over the past few weeks, Mr. T and I have been listening to the first volume of The Story of the World, narrated by Jim Weiss. T has requested that we not only listen in the kitchen, but that we […]

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October 6, 2010

October is a good time for wondering. [flickr]5056591660[/flickr] September can be such a flurry. Such a transition time. Even if your kids don’t go to school, all the regular activities start back up. This year I purposely conjured up a handful of new projects in September, to focus me on a new life homeschooling with […]

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