writing with kids

how to facilitate a virtual writer’s workshop for kids: everything you need to know to get a workshop going asap
 offering the feedback a writer really needs: thoughts on how to move beyond mere positive feedback
 let’s talk about writing: in which I cram all sorts of thoughts on kids and writing into a single podcast interview
 lemony snicket is our man: how a fictional character became a literary mentor to my kids
 become a writing mentor to your child, part 8: encouraging without discouraging: how to give helpful feedback on your kids’ writing
 become a writing mentor to your child part 7: the power of positive feedback: why staying positive may be more powerful than you realize
become a writing mentor to your child part 6: finding meaningful writing for kids: lots of ideas here, including one of my favorite writing formats: lists!
 become a writing mentor to your child, part 5: grammar, by ear: allowing grammar and punctuation to be really cool tools, rather than tedium
become a writing mentor to your child, part 4: that niggling thing called spelling: putting spelling into its rightful place as a handmaiden to writing
 become a writing mentor to your child, part 3: three points from a mentor: learning how to mentor writing from a writer
become a writing mentor to your child, part 2: “they know stuff” how an article I dislike helps prove my point: kids who grow up in language-rich homes learn to write by osmosis
 become a writing mentor to your child, part 1: teacher or mentor? the start of a new series, in which I hope you can learn from all my mistakes
 the writing process: a guest post in which I describe my own writing process
5 tips for offering feedback to a writer: don’t underestimate the power of positive feedback!
 “most of what you think you know about writing is useless”: how a book written for adults who want to write has a lot to teach parents who want to raise writers
how talking to your kids about their interests can make them better writers: really! chatting about magic, the gathering (or any other fascination) develops essay-writing skills, yes it does!
homeschool writing: an attempt to get my blog to show up in search engines, as an alternative to all the writing curriculum out there (includes some great conversation about writing in the comments!)
 if you want to help your kids write, you need to write yourself: in which I try to convince you to write, even if that means crafting your Facebook updates
 how do kids REALLY learn to write, 2.0: this post went a bit viral. come see why
writing ideas: a cool facts slide show: how kids can gather intriguing facts about any interest and make a slide show to share
the rule of three: how kids should be allowed to write about the banal bits of their culture that excite them, even if that means a Colossus will visit Whole Food
 the magical, motivating writer’s workshop: a simple-to-facilitate gathering that works wonders
 how does a child REALLY learn to write? not from a grammar workbook, mind you
three days of reading and writing: an incomprehensive list: on the learning that can happen when you aren’t trying to learn
love reading today! love writing today! : if you want them to become readers and writers, you have to help them love reading and writing–today!
how to encourage writing with the media kids love: the motivating power of online writing

the writing kids do on their own is real writing: how texting, blogging and social networking can encourage teen writing

how’s this for a title: prefrontal cortexes, the fourth grade slump and writing: how it can’t hurt to get a kid’s words down on paper while his or her imagination is still guiding the ship
talking literature: how little conversations about books can make a big impact
still talking literature: more conversations about books, this time with a group of kids
 inspiration in the most unlikely places: finding writing inspiration from a video game
 writing ideas: the ultimate guide : a fun model for kids who tire of big projects
 the ultimate guide, ultimately: how mr. t’s own guide turned out
 up on my soapbox: a rant about 5-paragraph essays
the dictation project: series of posts on taking dictation from kids
take five minutes and try this: exercise to help parents remember what it’s like to be a fledgling writer
 “but if i write for them, how will they ever learn to write themselves?”:  learning the mechanics of writing in a self-directed way
 invented spelling: learning to spell organically
 the scribe and the storyteller: what a kid can learn from dictating
audiobooks, anyone?: how audiobooks can make kids better writers
pretty please: readers share their hopes for their kids as writers
nurturing young writers: thoughts and feedback on what might help our kids grow as writers
woman with a mission: on spelling and my hopes to  help other parents with their kids’ writing